Monday, December 26, 2005

our Christmas

I hope my friends all over the world had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends.
We spent our Chrsitmas Eve and Christmas at my mom's house with my husband, my daughter, my sister and myself. Since my dad suddenly passes away in this April, she's alone with her two dogs. It was sooo great for all of us as we all had such a great time together.

Mom made yummy plates just like she did when me and my sis were kids. It was like a time trip and I felt I was once again 12 yrs old!! Very happy time...


Handmade Girl said...

Glad you had a great holiday, Kumi!

Amanda said...

Sounds wonderful! It's so nice to go home and feel that way again.

*Kumi said...

Hi, Handmade girl.
How was your holidays?
I'm sure you had a great time, too!
I need to check your blog, eh?

*Kumi said...

Hi, Amanda.
I'm glad to hear you liked the fabric from my shop.
Cannot wait to see you creation!
Yap, it was just great to be home and felt like I was a young girl again!

joyce said...

hi kumi!
i'm glad to hear your christas was nice! i can't believe how fast it goes by.
--by the way- i have a new blog --
it's it's a separate one from bytwogirls.

nico said...

hi kumi- that food your mother made looks delicious! mmm i love chicken and the cake look gaaa im drooling for creamy strawberry!
coming up is new year! do you celebrate it the same time in japan?

*Kumi said...

Hi, Joyce.
How was yours?
What did Jason get from Santa Clause?
Curious :D
I'll check your new blog right away!

*Kumi said...

Hi, Nicole.
Yap, my mom cooks excellent!!
It was really nice to back in home.
We Japanese celebrate a bit different from others for New Year's Eve and Day.
Lots of people watch TV until midnight and then we go to shrines/temples to pray from the dark.
And we don't kiss to anybody on the street like others!
It's more calming and quiet way we celebrate, I guess.

nico said...

excellent way to celebrate respects for the new year...tho i probably wont go to temple or church its a good notion to spend a little quiet time for reflection!

joyce said...

hi kumi:
jason got a LOT of spiderman toys and clothes - maybe i'll post pictures on my blog of them =)

*Kumi said...

Hi, Joyce.
So spiderman is hot in the US at the moment?
Here kids love "Anpan-Man" a lot.
Do you know it?
I have some photos of it on my flickr but it's sometime like July or so...
Jason must be so happy!!

natacha matic said...

hello kumi :)
We just had "a little christmas" with my husbund and kids (and presents). Our real christmas is the 6th of january 'cause we are orthodoxe (like russians or greeks).
Sorry to hear about your dad. I've lost my dad a year ago and I miss him very much. My mum is far from us but we are going to visit her in february and my sister will also be there. I can't wait to see them! Is your sister younger?

*Kumi said...

Salut, Natacha.

A happy new year to you!

Oh, you're Orthodoxe? I used to live in Bucharest, Romania where most people are Orthodoxe!! I had several chances to join the ceremony in the monastries in Bucharest and other small towns, and it was soooo beautiful. I really loved it. Guess what? We have one Orthodoxe church just near our office here in central Tokyo, too!!

I'm sorry to hear about your dad, too. Isn't this really sad? I do miss him a lot. And I worry about mom... Life can be so cruel some time, isn't it?

Yap, my sis is younger, just by one year!! How about yours?